Whats Up Nails - Black Chrome Powder
Whats Up Nails - Black Chrome Powder
Whats up Nails

Whats Up Nails - Black Chrome Powder

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Ultra fine black chrome powder that will make your nails look like dark mirror! This mica powder has the highest quality on the market. 

Weight: 2 grams

All powders and pigments have different structure and finish so 1 gram of one powder can look less than 1 gram of another powder. Powder comes in a large jar that can fit more than 1 gram of product so your jar will not be full when you receive it. Paradise powder is heavier than others so you will see smaller amount of it in a jar. Chrome powder jars will be completely full with 2.5 grams of product, other powder jars will be less than half full with 1 gram of product. You only need the tiniest amount of product per nail so 1 gram of powder will last for many manicures.

Fiber glass, Titanium dioxide, Tin(IV) oxide